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I called every junk yard in Denver and this company offered the most. Not only that, but I had really hoped to get the car off my hands same day and they heeded my request. By 5pm that day the car was no longer outside my place, and I had cash in hand from the transaction. It couldn't have been any easier (and its something I had been agonizing over for a while). I had a good feeling about this place from the beginning, and I'm so pleased I could sell my old car to them. Thank you so much!

Hi George! Don't know if you remember our conversation but we talked back and forth quite a bit in email after you found my website and you let me know your out there! But, I wanted to let you know, we finally came to your place to recycle some metals! Sorry it took longer then expected but old habits are hard to brake! I wanted to let you know, we love your service there!! The gentleman that was in the booth, EXCEPTIONAL service! Oh so very polite and just all around great! The guys working with the copper and special metals, EXCEPTIONAL as well. One was soooo nice to show us not just to stick a magnet to it but cut into it as well. We missed a few items thinking it was aluminum and ended up being brass. We should've noticed just from the weight difference but, he got a chance to show how awesome he was by pointing that out to us!! The other gentleman that weighed each item, took his time, yet not making us wait forever, to do and check each item we brought as to get us every penny we deserve! So truly great to find (or be found ) your business! You have a customer for LIFE!!! Your all amazing!! I truly thank you all George! Keep up the good work! P.S. my son was with me as he is my partner with my business, we love the unload yourself part of it! The place we go to in Greeley uses magnets and claws! They pushed a massive hole in the side of my trailer with the claw and dropped the magnet on the bed of my truck crushing it. Enter at your own risk is their moto! I understand if its a nail in the tire or I do something stupid, but not that! Stick with unload yourself! Or at least give your customers an option!!! Truly love you guys! See you again in a few weeks!!!

Anita Diller, Owner

Hoarder Squad, LLC


October 2014 reviews:

This is the only scrap yard I know where you can get cash for your cans, salvation for your soul and food for your body. I will never use another scrap yard in Denver - I love the people here. - J.H.

Courteous, helpful, thoughtful and professional. In and out within 10 minutes. - Kyle D

5 stars out of 5 stars - processed through within 10 minutes and got my cash within 5 minutes. - Charles F.

I was in and out in 15 minutes - everyone was courteous and professional - thanks! - Jody G

I recommend Denver Scrap Metals to anyone that is looking to recycle - Colton Moody

I always recommend Denver Scrap Metals to anyone looking to recycle their stuff. the one thing these guys could use is an additional scale to help with the number of people they help. - Unknown

I have been here many times and can tell you the staff is very friendly and professional - was in and out with money in under 10 minutes today - Earl Browning

Your people here are great - they do a wonderful job! - Magdalana Uccelli

I have been here before and everyone here is so nice to work with. I give Denver Scrap Metals 5 out of 5 stars! - Bob Beasley

I recommend Denver Scrap Metals to anyone that needs their type of service - everyone is courteous and professional and I had an easy time getting in and out. - Steve Taylor

Alan, Gabby and Daniel are really fast, professional and courteous (the best!). God Bless You. - Hilda Botello

Very accomodating and in and out fast! Highly recommend Denver Scrap Metals - Luis Espejo with A & A Recycling

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